Due to a lot of agency scams nowadays. People often tend to look for legit and trustworthy agencies. In this guide, we will give you information on how to choose the best recruitment agency. Read on to know more.

What is a Recruitment Agency?

Recruitment agencies are essentially the middlemen between job seekers and employers. They work on behalf of employers to find suitable candidates and to fill their vacancies with the best possible talent.

They are tasked by employers to save time and money and access the extended candidate net that a direct advert and company network cannot reach. TechForce and other recruitment agencies are needed because hiring employees can take a significant amount of time.

Hiring the right person is important, and with today’s competitive job market, an employer can look through hundreds of applications to find a suitable candidate to interview.

“Hiring the right person is important, and with today’s competitive job market, an employer can look through hundreds of applications to find a suitable candidate to interview.”Author

Benefits of Working with a Recruiting Agency


Benefits for Job Seekers


1. Your Job Search is Streamlined

Working with a staffing firm can be a simple way to streamline your job search. Many people may not realize that working with a third-party recruiter is free. The nice part about working with a recruitment agency is that you are essentially crowdsourcing your job search efforts.


2. You Partner with a Skilled Recruiter

Agency recruiters will learn what you’re looking for, your career goals, and the type of work environment you seek.


3. You Gain Access to Multiple Employers and Jobs

A staffing agency is a liaison between job seekers and employers, so from there, your recruiter will identify interested companies. You’ll gain access to job openings that aren’t available on other job sites. In addition, you’ll have a wider variety of options than if you were searching for a job alone.


4. You Receive Help with Scheduling Interviews and Polishing Your Resume

Agency recruiters will then coordinate interviews, help you prepare for them, and polish up your resume with you if needed.

The relationship with your recruiter doesn’t end when you start your new contract job. Another benefit when working with a staffing agency is that you continue to receive support.


Benefits for Employers


1. Access to the Best Candidates

Recruitment agencies have access to a range of talented jobseekers – at TechForce, we have a growing database of over one million CVs.


Skilled job seekers don’t have time to search for job boards. Instead, they use a recruiter that they can trust to find the right role. The best recruiters will spot technical ability as well as a candidate that aligns with your company values, resulting in a long-term successful hire.


1 in 3 job seekers will change a job within their first year. Find the right candidate using a recruitment agency and avoid this costly statistic.


2. Save Time & Money

Using a recruitment agency is quicker than hiring internally and will save your business time and money. Recruiters collect and assess CVs, check references, and filter talented job seekers using the best interview techniques, so businesses don’t have to.


Build a relationship with a recruitment agency. Once a recruiter understands your business and goals, they will hire the right people in a timely, cost-effective manner.


3. Industry Expertise

A good recruitment agency will offer specialist recruiters for specific industries. Partner with a recruitment agency that understands your industry and they will offer industry-specific knowledge of market trends, salary levels, and the skills required to be successful in your industry. Industry-specific recruiters also have access to skill-specific candidates.


4. Expert Recruitment Law Opinions

Recruitment law is complex and often misunderstood. Common areas of confusion include diversity in the workplace, maternity leave, wages, and unfair dismissals.


Recruiters are constantly updated with recruitment law and will help you avoid legal complications. At TechForce, we have a dedicated legal team that works with recruiters and companies to ensure employment law is adhered to during and after the hiring process.


5. Enable Business Growth & Innovation

If you build a relationship with your recruiter, they can help your business grow and strengthen. At Tech Force, our specialist recruiters work with companies of all sizes, from innovative start-ups to large multinationals, providing recruitment services, training, and outsourcing services.


Using a recruitment agency means you find the best talent, and you receive support to maximize your business’s potential. Recruitment agencies don’t just provide people, they provide talent and support to help businesses grow.


Tips for Finding the Right Recruitment Agency


For employers


1. Assess Your Company Requirements

Assess your business needs and ensure you know whether you need one or more job applicants. Determine the job position, necessary skills, and knowledge. 


These insights will help you decide the kind of recruitment agency you need and their field of specialization. You’ll understand the type of social network they should have, the size, and the approach to hiring. 


However, it’s crucial to share your business needs with the recruitment agency when discussing the matter. 


2. Treat Recruitment Agencies Like Job Applicants

The right recruitment agency should be capable of identifying and reaching a candidate that’s compatible with the job position. To determine whether they can achieve that, treat them and interview them like job applicants. 


Ask questions that’ll allow you to understand if they can meet your needs and do what they promise to do. For instance, you can ask them if they have access to candidates who could be a great match, how they select job applicants, and how long they’ll need to find the ideal talent.


3. Check Your Budget

The ideal recruitment agency should be within your company’s budget. Look for the one you can afford, and that has a history of successful hiring.


Avoid those that promise stellar results and charge a fortune but have no data that could confirm their words.


4. Identify The Type Of A Recruiting Agency

Ensure you’re choosing the right type of recruitment agency or you risk wasting your resources. For example, if you need short-term staff, go for a staffing hiring agency. 


On the other hand, if you’re aspiring to hire an executive, an executive recruitment agency would be a good choice. However, general recruitment agencies are the answer if you’re looking for employees on other levels or specialized in a particular field. 


5. Run Background Checks

When choosing the right recruitment agency, it’s essential to find testimonials and contact their previous clients with the same size and type of companies as yours. Check whether their results match what they say they can do for you and select the most reliable agency. 


Your business deserves the best. Hence, know your needs when choosing the right recruitment agency, ask questions to determine if they’re the best fit, and ensure they can deliver stellar results. 


For Jobseekers


1. How Long has the Consultant been Recruiting?

There are many factors to consider when choosing a recruitment agency, including the experience of the recruiters who work there. How long has your consultant been recruiting? What experience do they have in your professional area? Do you really want to entrust your search to someone who does not have a track record in recruitment or your industry?


2. Research them Online

Anyone who is visible within a certain network should leave some sort of digital footprint. What does their LinkedIn say about them? Have they written any articles or posted about topics that you can relate to?


3. Who Will Remain Accountable During Your Search?

Some recruitment agencies separate the recruiter from the salesperson. It’s important to find out if your recruiter has actually spoken with the employer, understands their corporate culture, and has a sense of what the vacant role will truly be responsible for achieving. How does the recruiter really know you are going to a good home?


4. Ask for Contactable References from other Job Seekers.

Find out if the recruiter “walks the talk.” Learn if the recruitment agency and the recruiter fairly represent both their clients and their candidates, which they should.


5. Do they Spend Time Learning About You?

During your interview with the recruiter, do they identify your tasks and key skill sets that you wish to target in your new role? A good recruiter will ensure that your next career move is conducive to your growth, development, and personality. A good interview will be face-to-face for about one hour (not 15 minutes) and will include suggestions to improve your resume and interview skills.


6. Do they Help You Through the Hiring Process?

Does the recruiter prepare you for upcoming company interviews, give you insight into the culture, promotional opportunities, team dynamic, and management style of the company, and provide you with candid feedback after the interview?


7. When You Receive an Offer, A Recruiter Should Advise and Negotiate on Your Behalf.

A recruiter should support you through the entire hiring process, including providing advice when a job offer is made and helping you negotiate salary, benefits, and other forms of compensation. Furthermore, a recruiter should not take it personally or choose not to work with you again if you decide a specific opportunity is not right for you. All a good recruiter asks is that you are honest and communicative throughout the entire process when partnering with them.


If you are looking for a career change, look at these job opportunities.


Additional Reminders for Choosing the Best Recruitment Agency in the Market


Check Reviews Online and Compare Recruitment Agencies in the Market

There are several great platforms online to check your options. You can type in the company size, industry, and ideal budget range to get a list of recommendations. 


Additionally, these have tons of reviews there that you can read written by real and actual clients. It’s best to double-check because you would want to maximize the partnership as much as possible, right?


Check Listings of Recruitment Agencies and Recruitment Software

There are tons of listings online that show the top recruitment agencies in the world or certain countries. Do your due diligence and look them up.


You can also check out top recruitment software lists such as this one. Why check out such software? The recruitment agency might be using a tool for their hiring efforts, and you might be unaware of what they are.



The right recruitment agencies work for all kinds of companies and job seekers. Assess your company’s requirements, limit your criteria, and gain access to multiple employers or jobs. The only possible way to do this is by choosing the best recruiting agency like TechForce.They have everything that a company and jobseeker needs from a decent, legit, and trustworthy agency.


Source: https://www.techforce.com.au/how-to-choose-the-right-recruitment-agency-for-you

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